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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Update on the Mayor's Church Parking Task Force

The following is the standard response that DDOT is sending out DC residents who email asking about the Mayor's task force and other parking concerns. As you can read, the task force hasn't gotten off the ground which is puzzling seeing that the Mayor's spokesperson, Dr. Susan Newman, said last week that it had been formed and was currently working on solutions. Oh well bending the truth was something she had going for her that day (see previous post on her).
On behalf of the DDOT Acting Director, thank you for your comments on church parking. DDOT is currently working closely with the Mayor's office and the Council in an effort to expedite the development of the Parking Task Force. We have been working to identify partners for the task force and will recommend those individuals to the Mayor's office. It is our understanding that the Mayor is interested in having representatives from ANC's, churches and other community representatives on the task force. The District is committed to ensure that the task force identify the areas of concern and offer solutions in a timely manner.

DDOT is dedicated to continuing in our efforts to work with the church communities and the neighborhoods in order to find possible parking alternatives. We will continue to meet with the individuals to assess current parking availability and discuss alternatives that may be developed to provide additional parking spaces.

Should you have any questions, please continue to contact Ann Simpson-Mason at ann.simpson-mason@dc.gov. Again, thank you for sharing your views with us.


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