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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

When in doubt create a task force

The parking task force that Mayor Anthony Williams said he would create on Sunday (April 23) is not a new idea and isn't even the first parking task force during the Williams era. For instance, back in May 2004, the Mayor created another task force to study congestion and parking issues in Downtown DC. The entire affair at first started very well with the Mayor holding a press conference before the first task force meeting. Yet, after what looked to be a promising endeavor, the whole thing limped along until no one remembered or cared about the task force.

The new parking task force will most likely meet a similiar fate. This time around, however, the winner clearly is not the residents who have lost their battle to merely ask that the city enforce the laws equally. It should not matter if your religious, poor or rich, white or black, or whatever. What should matter is that once you burden others with your actions and that you do it in an illegal manner that you pay for those actions.


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