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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

This man is not your friend Logan Circle residents

Dee Hunter, an ANC commissioner for the Shaw community, is against enforcing the law and works actively to help the churches evade enforcement of parking laws which would make Logan Circle a safety and happier place to live. Why is that? We are not sure.

Mr. Hunter has been sometimes friendly to Logan residents to plan rude and disrepectful. Take for instance this past Sunday, April 23rd, when he decided he could park his car on a striped, no parking zone (right below a large no-parking sign) at the corner of 12th Street and Vermont Avenue and then placed an "Official Government Business" sign in his window before going to church services. This area just before the intersection is clearly marked as a no-parking zone to provide safety and allow a clear line of sight for on-coming traffic from the intersecting roadway. The fact that a government official would blatantly disregard the safety of the residents and misuse his government status to find closer parking for a personal activity such as going to church is unjustifiable. The fact that he would do this when he sat on the ad-hoc committee addressing this problem and is therefore well aware that parking is legal and plentiful only 2 blocks away is shameful!

Mr. Hunter might say he is for some type of regulation on illegal parking but those are just code words for the status quo. Do not trust him. If you see him in the Logan Circle area ask him why he adds to the problems by illegally parking himself. He is what is wrong with DC and his arrogance to park anywhere he wants shows the disregard he has for the Logan Circle community.

Update: Mr. Hunter, in an April 26th Washington Times article by Amy Doolittle, explains that he abuses his government parking privileges all the time: "I use it anytime I park anywhere. I go to church. I parked there with it [on Sunday] morning." What a great guy and community leader! Please, thank him from the Logan Circle community when you see him.


At 12:07 PM, Anonymous Bob said...

Dee Hunter hates "newcomers" and just wants to explot any situation for his personal gain. I am so glad he isn't a Logan Circle ANC member, but it isn't like the ANC people here have done much.

At 2:17 PM, Anonymous Ellen said...

Leave him alone. Dee Hunter is just trying to find a parking space like the rest of us. Just because he abuses his position doesn't mean he is a bad guy ... oh, wait it does mean he is a bad guy. Damnit.

At 3:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are there any Dee Hunter quotes on the parking problem? If not, then how do we know where he stands?

At 9:42 AM, Anonymous Robis said...

Well, we don't know where he stands.

But we do know where he parks.


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