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Friday, April 28, 2006

The Problems with Jack Evans' Reaction

Since Jack Evans' office came out with the newsletter reaction to the public outcry for elected official support of the Logan Circle parking plan we have been thinking about this new development. Although much of what we are about to say has been explained in our previous post (Jack Evans: A New Hope), we would like to elaborate clarify some of our earlier points.

1) Evans' recent statement was not made in a public venue. In fact, it was done in a way to give it the least amount of public exposure. The means in question was a newsletter which had been sent out to only members of Evans' email list (we suppose perhaps fewer than that). In addition, Evans has placed nothing on his website as of Friday morning and has made no statement to the press. His endorsement of the Logan Circle parking plan was done in a manner to conceal rather than reveal his newfound support.

2) The way he has presented his support for Logan Circle residents still gives him the ability to play both the Logan community and churches. On one hand, the Washington Times article has him saying that the Mayor's task force is a good thing. However, in this recent newsletter he says he does support the Logan Circle parking plan. That support, however, is limited because he has so far failed to publicly say he wants the Mayor to enforce the law. Evans needs to be declaritive. Say what you mean all the time Evans!!! Don't leave people wondering.

3) Although most of the story is right, some of the facts in the Evans' newsletter are incorrect. First, the commission created in Logan Circle was never called the "Logan Residents for Equitable Enforcement of Parking Regulations Taskforce." That name is given to the residents of Logan Circle who seek an end to unjust enforcement and illegal parking, not the commission endorsed by the ANC. Second, Evans fails to include Logan Circle residents as part of the parking task force. Third, the plan did "address the safety factors," but an acknowledgement of enforcement as a key provision would have been helpful to further explain the parking plan in Logan.

All in all, we feel Evans' newsletter is a positive step forward. However, he must call on the Mayor to enforce the law in a public setting. We suggest the following: 1) at the next DC Council meeting Jack Evans should call on the council to create an oversight commission to ensure that the parking laws are enforced equally; 2) Evans writes Mayor Anthony Williams demanding that the May deadline for Logan Circle be adhered to; 3) Public statements to the press are given stating clearly that he supports enforcement of all laws regardless of the race, religion, or economic standing of the driver.

In addition, to all of you DC residents out there call Evans' office asking him to do the above mentioned things in order to fully support equal parking for all. His number is (202) 724-8058. Or you can email Mr. Evans: jackevans@dccouncil.us or his Director of Communications, Sean Metcalf: smetcalf@dccouncil.us


At 11:21 AM, Anonymous Mitch said...

How about getting Cropp and the other people on the DC council to help out?

At 3:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I posted this on dcist already, but
Jack did call in to the DC Politics Hour with Kojo and Jonetta Friday and publically stated he was for the residents. Audio available on the WAMU website.

At 8:03 PM, Blogger LCPP said...

Thanks. We created two posts on the Kojo show and credit your DCist post for the suggestion.


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