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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Mayor's Spokewomen Lies her butt off on church parking

On their Friday (Apr. 28) show at noon, Kojo and Jonetta (WAMU 88.5 FM) discussed the battle between churches and DC residents over illegal Sunday parking. You can listen to the show here.

What happened on the show is interesting. Dr. Susan Newman (special assistant to the Mayor for religious affairs and adjunct minister of Peoples Congregational United Church of Christ) spoke about the illegal church parking issue. At first she just describe the details of the conflict saying that the parking issue has been a problem for years and that for 30 years the churches were able to double park without the fear of getting ticketed by the MPD. So far so good we say, but Dr. Newman then went on to describe the recent conflict between the churches and residents and FLAT OUT LIED about who asked for the task force!!! What she said was that Logan Circle residents and churches requested a task force. Of course that is wrong and dishonest! No resident requested another task force after Logan Circle already had a parking commission to study the issue. That would just be stupid to have two commissions for the same problem.

Anyhow, so Dr. Newman went on to lie again when she said that the Mayor's task force has already begun work on the parking issue. Dr. Newman said that the task force created 170 parking spaces in Logan Circle. First, we all know the number is 150, not 170. Second, the Logan Circle parking commission created those spaces, not the Mayor's task force. Dr. Newman and Mayor Williams are trying to take credit for something that the Logan Circle community worked long and hard to accomplish. She is a liar and a disgrace! WE CALL HER OUT AS A FRAUD!!!

Dr. Newman's final lie occurred when she stated that the churches didn't know about the parking changes and when enforcement would occur. She said changing the parking signs in Logan Circle takes at least 30 days. We guess she forgot that the Logan commission ended in early April and enforcement wasn't to begin until late May. In addition, the Logan Circle commission (which had church members on it) ensured that the church clergy told their members to, first, not to double park then that they would be ticketed soon for parking illegally. Those announcements began in February. This gave churches substantially more than 30 days time for notifying churchgoers that Dr. Newman said was needed.

Now at this point Kojo and Jonetta attacked Dr. Newman stating its wrong that one group is treated differently than all other groups. One of them said these churchgoers have abandoned the city so why should DC residents have to "dance around them?" Dr. Newman basically said that the churches should get a pass because they turned around the neighborhood and made it safe for all these newcomers to live in Logan. Very funny to hang the turnaround on churches when everyone knows its the people who bought the run down houses and made them whole. The churches had very little to do with the regrowth of Logan. In fact, some of the Logan churches bought broken down houses and lots during the 80s and still do not repair them for the benefit of the community. These churches simply let them fall into further disrepair. Sad for Dr. Newman to have such a warped picture of Logan history.

Finally, Dr. Newman said double parking isn't illegal parking. Only blocking fire hydrates or cross walks is illegal. She went on to say this is not a church parking problem, but a citywide parking problem.

We ask you to listen to the show and judge for yourself if Dr. Newman was lying. However, we trust that everyone will agree with us that Dr. Newman totally misrepresented some of the basic facts and tried to place Mayor Williams in the best light. Also, we love that a church reverend is the Mayor's spokesperson on this issue! Can't get any better than that to show who has the real power in this city.

Many thanks to an "NPP Listener" on the DCist website for pointing this out!


At 6:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No shocking that the mayor's reps would bend the truth about the church parking issue. Plus, she isn't a neutral party in the matter. Being a Rev. does mean your more apt to side with the churches on parking. I wonder if Newman even lives in the District?


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