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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Keeping the Peace on Parking (Washington Post)

Editorial. April 26, 2006

IN SEVERAL D.C. neighborhoods, Sunday mornings increasingly have become dedicated less to quiet contemplation than to rising temperatures over parking. Hardly a week goes by without residents complaining bitterly about worshipers descending on their streets and hemming in cars by double-parking or blocking fire hydrants and walkways, therefore holding residents captive during religious services. Clergy-led parishioners counter that strict enforcement of parking regulations would impose hardships on congregants and houses of worship that have long-standing and deep ties to the city. In this squabble between religious institutions and neighborhoods there should be a place for reconciliation. Unfortunately, it has yet to be found.

That makes it all the more important that Mayor Anthony A. Williams has stepped in at the eleventh hour to suspend enforcement of new citywide Sunday parking restrictions. He was right to appoint a task force to review the issues and recommend a compromise solution that doesn't penalize residents or worshipers.

There's every reason to believe that such a task force of residents, clergy, merchants, advisory neighborhood commissioners and city officials could produce a plan that works for most people. Of course, the outcome will depend on whether participants approach the task in a spirit of conciliation and cooperation and with an acceptance of reality. Congregations that have been, as the mayor has noted, part of the fabric of the District for generations have worshipers who don't live in the community where they attend services at churches, synagogues, temples and shrines. Yet their exercise of religion should be accommodated. At the same time, again to cite the mayor, D.C. residents should not be penalized "just because they live near a church."

The impasse, and all of the anger and estrangement that come with it, has been allowed to go on for too long. The task force should be quickly formed and put to work. Sunday mornings should be anything but a time for hardships.


At 11:12 AM, Anonymous mitch said...

This is a bit one sided and misinformed about the issues. I am not surprised at the Washington Post getting something wrong but this is really bad seeing they had a reporter who had just done a story on this topic. Thats what I call lazy journalism.


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