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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Jacks Evans Speaks out on the Kojo and Jonetta show: Is that Enough?

This is another part of the Kojo and Jonetta show that we posted about earlier. During the show, Councilmember Jack Evans called in to state his support for DC residents in forcing the city to actually a enforce the parking laws equally. The following is a near verbatim account of what Jack Evans said:

"The District of Columbia has to enforce the parking laws. I certainly understand both sides of the issue. I understand the long tradition. I understand the resident's concerns. But at the end of the day we have laws on the books that you cannot double park, that you can't park illegally and they need to be enforced. And the task force ... I think the frustration you are hearing now is the Logan Circle group and the churches had a task force and there was an agreement to enforce this stuff beginning in May and now all of a sudden they aren't going to go forward and do it. And people are pretty outraged about it. I'm getting hundreds and hundreds of emails about this. I have to say that there are lots of parts of the city ... I have 127 churches in my ward and there are lots of parts of the city where churches with large congregations that do not park illegally or they would be ticketed and towed. And so unfortunately for the tradition that has existed that is the tradition has to come to an end and enforcement must take place."

Later on Evans was asked if he would introduce a resolution in the DC Council for the Mayor to enforce the law. He said he was willing to do that, but it didn't make sense since the law is the law and it should be enforced.

We think this is another step in the right direction for Jack Evans, but he needs to go forward and submit a resolution and send a letter to the Mayor demanding enforcement of all parking laws. We ask all our readers to email his office (jackevans@dccouncil.us) or call him (202) 724-8058 demanding that he continue to press for equal treatment of everyone in DC.


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