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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Jack Evans Update

Thanks dwb for the new information. Well, it's not really breaking story stuff but at least it adds on to the general impression that Jack Evans is a waste of space politician who doesn't do crap for his constituents.
Jack Evans Director of Communication emailed me that he saw my blog and asked if he should respond there (on the blog) or to me directly. I told him I was glad the CM was checking into his constituents' vision of his advocacy for us through various methods (blogs) and that his opinion poll numbers must be comparable with George Bush. I further told him we need someone who will take a stand and do what is right--the task force should not be trashed in favor of another task force and more delay. I further said that perhaps the CM should respond in his newsletter (which comes out every Friday) but that we needed action not rhetoric. Here is his response: "Our newsletter is weekly -- We take off one week during the spring recess, that is why there was not one last week. This week's newsletter WILL NOT [EMPHASIS ADDED] touch on the parking issue. However, we will cover that issue in an upcoming newsletter."


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