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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Jack Evans: Too Good For Logan?

As the first post we would like to say that this blog will attempt to bring together the various internet postings on the Logan Circle parking problem and hold elected officials accountable for their actions (or lackof).

The following comes from a discussion thread on DCist about the Logan Circle Parking issue. As Logan's representative on the DC Counci, Jack Evans has done nothing to help his constituents. Read the following post and please call Evans and get him to do his job and actually represent us!

Sean Metcalf (communications director for CM Evans) emailed me today that the CM's position has not changed on enforcement: "Thanks for the email. Councilmember Evans' position has not changed -- The laws of DC should be enforced in full. The DC Council passed these laws and it is the responsibility of the Executive to ensure enforcement is performed." But, I read in the Washington Times: D.C. Council member Jack Evans, Ward 2 Democrat, whose district includes Logan Circle, said the mayor's plan to delay enforcement is acceptable. "I think the mayor has done the right thing to put together a task force to see if they can try to work this thing out," he said. Please email him and call his office and ask about the disparity of information and if double parking is acceptable in Georgetown? His number is 724-8058.


At 12:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can we all say, "twisting in the wind."

The guy is trying to play all sides.


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