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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dee Hunter: A Danger to Logan Circle

As his 2002 campaign flyer stated Dee Hunter truly is "A New Vision, A New Voice, A New Leader." And what kind of vision, voice, and leader has he been? Well, one that is arrogant enough to exploit his position as ANC commissioner. Mr. Hunter does this by using a government benefit given only to elected officials (members of congress, DC City council members, and ANC commissioners) to park where he sees fit (whether legal or not). That right is only suppose to be used if the elected official is on "official government business."

But for Mr. Hunter government business is such a liberal term. As many of you all know Mr. Hunter, this past Sunday (April 23rd), parked his car on a striped, no parking zone (right below a large no-parking sign) at the corner of 12th Street and Vermont Avenue and then placed an "Official Government Business" sign in his window before going into church for services. The lack of caring for human safety and just plain insensitive nature of Mr. Hunter is outstanding. He truly has found a way to be the "new leader" with a "new vision" by parking in a place that makes crossing the street dangerous for pedestrians. I guess he feels that a strong new leader needs to park in such a way to give his "troops" if you will a test to see if they can cross the street without knowing if a car might be coming. Or he might feel that he needs to set an example for how others can act. Maybe we all should block fire hydrates or cross walkes? Whats the big deal anyhow? Aren't we all important people who need to get somewhere?

Now you might be wondering what exactly did Mr. Hunter have to say for himself? Was this just a one time thing where he really needed to get to church on a Sunday for "Official Government Business"? Not from what he told the Washington Times: "I use it anytime I park anywhere. I go to church. I parked there with it [Sunday] morning." We say, "bravo" to Dee Hunter for being such a complete and utter waste of a politician. Your lack of respect and concern for your fellow human being shows us the type of person you really are. You truly are in a class by yourself.


At 11:37 AM, Anonymous Mitch said...

I don't understand why he doesn't walk to church. He lives in Shaw so it shouldn't be that big of deal to walk.

At 5:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No need to walk to church when he can drive in style then park where he wants to.

At 2:20 PM, Anonymous Dee Hunter said...

I am Dee Hunter and I'll park on your face if I want to. Its my G-D given right so screw you Logan Circle residents.


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