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Thursday, April 27, 2006

DC Council has already addressed Parking Solutions

Back in July 2005, the DC Council held a hearing on the problems of parking taking a city wide look. Here are some of their solutions:
  • Higher meter rates and residential parking fees
  • Metered loading zones
  • Charging for guest parking passes
  • Place meters in neighborhoods to make non-residents pay (i.e., Georgetown meter system)
  • Create smaller residential parking zones
  • Parking rules CUSTOMIZED for individual neighborhoods
Now the final suggestion seems a bit strange because if the DC Council can say each neighborhood may have different rules on parking why can't the mayor get on board on that? Already the city's various parking zones have different rules governing them. For instance, in Adams Morgan residential parking permits are extended to 8:30 pm or midnight. Georgetown and the Convention Center also have unique parking rules.

Why can't Logan Circle then implement its own rules which have been subjected to ANC, church, resident, DDOT, DPW, and MPD oversight. Every public official or private entity has had a voice in the process. This has been a fair and democratic process where all sides have been heard. Again the churches have gotten all the benefits so far while Logan residents have been screwed.


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