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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Chris Dyer: A Friend to Logan Circle Residents

The following comes from the comments section of the Logan Circle News blog. This is not in response to the questions submitted to DC public officials but came indepedently from Commissioner Dyer a few days ago.
As a member of the Logan Circle Church Parking Committee, I can attest to the deliberate and excellent work that was done on all sides.

We came together, listened to each other and jointly agreed to several recommendations for the creation of more parking spaces etc that DDOT implemented.

The one area that we didn't have strong consensus is on the need for enforcement.

I personally support enforcement especially in Logan where it is clear that we have worked together to find a lot of parking spaces for the churches, the carrot, and we need a stick.

During the negotiation, I was pleased at how DDOT responded to our concerns. However, I am angry that they have now decided to postpone a policy.

Hindsight is 20/20 but the simple reality is that DDOT and the DC Government has failed to recognize the need for more parking spaces on Sundays and I think they should have acted sooner to establish working groups of churches and residents. During the negotiations, several DDOT officials stated that one of their policy goals is to dissuade cars from coming into the city which is a perfectly solid public policy goal.

However, there is a bit of an ostrich hiding its head in the sand mentality to that approach especially when it is pretty clear that we have a unique experience on Sunday mornings when several thousand people visit our neighborhoods to worship.

The church leaders are fond of reminding us that this is a problem that has been happening for years. Like most complex issues, it appears that our city leadership doesn’t have a simple easy solution but they should have been acting earlier.

As for Terry Lynch, he is the Executive Director of the Downtown Cluster of Congregations. He did sort of take over the leadership of our group but he did have the respect of the church leaders and he was a bull dog in getting DDOT to take the action we needed him to do. He may have appeared on stage with the church leaders on Sunday, but I don’t think he sold us out.

I will keep agitating and working with the city to try and get enforcement of our parking laws implemented and am committed to working with any community that has a parking problem. Feel free to e-mail me at chris@christopherdyer.com if you have any comments or have questions.

Christopher Dyer
ANC Commissioner 2F03


At 11:10 AM, Anonymous Mitch said...

I can personally state that Chris has been a friend to Logan residents. He has worked with us to get the Logan parking plan in place and is upset about the back tracking by other public officials.


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