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Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Call to public officials

Shortly we will submit on this blog, and in email, some question to be answered by various public officials about the chuch parking issue. Their answered will be unedited and each will stand alone on separate blog posts. If they refuse to reply we will mention this fact. Here is the list of officials we will ask a public statement from:

Anthony Williams, Mayor
Linda Cropp, Chairperson (DC City Council)
Phil Mendelson, Councilmember (At Large) Updated
Carol Schwartz, Councilmember (At Large) Updated
Kwame R. Brown, Councilmember (At Large) Updated
Jack Evans, Councilmember (Ward 2)
Charles Reed, Chairmember (ANC2f)
Jim Brandon, Commissioner (ANC2f)
Chris Dyer, Commissioner (ANC2f)
Bob Ellison, Commissioner (ANC2f)
Sandra Biasillo, Commissioner (ANC2f)
Michael Nelson, Commissioner (ANC2f)

If you can think of others that need to be contacted, please post suggestions.

Update: Here are the questions we have submitted to the above officials this morning:

1) Do you support ticketing illegal parkers regardless of religion?

2) Do you agree with the Logan Circle solution to the church parking problem?

3) Do you agree with the Mayor’s stay on the Logan parking plan?

4) Would you state publicly that church members shouldn’t double park and that the Mayor should reinstate the Logan parking plan?


At 5:04 PM, Anonymous Mitch said...

So, whats the deal? Any update?


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